We design and develop fixed and mobile solar structures, as well as streetlights and transmission towers.

Metal structures

We supply metallic structure for any CSP and PV technology, with capabilities of designing, manufacturing and operating final assembly lines on site. Always considering a tight collaboration with customers.

Engineering and Strength

Process design is deeply analyzed focusing on defining cost-optimized manufacturing solutions, as well as considering the possibility of co-development for designing new structures, based on R&D resources fully dedicated to Solar business and our well-known experience within the auto industry. Solar Steel has the engineering capability and organizational strength to position ourselves as a solar industry leader.


We offer survey, design and operation of final assembly lines in the field. Deep knowledge of metal structures used for all solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies. Co-development of new structures that leverage our automotive experience in processing and automated assembly. Cost optimization process from design. R&D resources that allow our customers to co-design structural solutions.

Fixed Structure

Roof-Top Structures

Parking Shelter Structure


For further information: www.gsolarsteel.com and www.suports.es

Gonvarri Industries across the World

Global presence

Gonvarri Industries has 45 factories, 20 distribution centers and premises in 19 countries

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