We design and supply solar trackers, fixed tilt structures and standard mounting systems for the PV market.

A solution for every project 

At Gonvarri Industries, we work to offer a complete service and satisfy the needs of our clients in the area of solar energy.

Gonvarri Solar Steel and Suports are the group’s two subdivisions devoted to designing and producing ad hoc products for each type of project.

Metal Structures

We supply metal structures for photovoltaic and solar thermal energy with design, manufacturing and operation capabilities for on-site assembly lines. The design process is strongly analyzed focusing on cost-optimized solutions, besides considering the possibility of co-developing a design of new structures based on R&D.


Gonvarri Solar Steel

We offer in-house research, design and operation of assembly lines. Extensive knowledge of metal structures used for solar thermal and photovoltaic energy. Co-development of new structures based on our experience in the automotive assembly. Cost optimization process from design. R&D that enables us to co-design solutions.


Our wide range of services cover from pre-execution activities to project execution and operation.

Pre-execution: As part of a large multi-sector company, Gonvarri Solar Steel takes advantage of the internal top-notch knowledge in product design and steel characterization, besides the industrial capability to manufacture our products in roughly all regions. Futhermore, we bring additional value to our customers, collaborating with them in the early phases of the project design.

Post-execution and operation: Gonvarri Solar Steel offers a full range of services during the executional phases of the project and in the after-sales stage in order to support our customers to maximize the LCOE of the PV plant.


Our steel structures are designed for any project of photovoltaic and solar concentration.

TracSmarT: We offer a wide range of single-axis trackers to maximize energy production anywhere.

RacSmarT®: There are adaptable designs with different customization options that enable to adapt the structures to the electrical and mechanical requirements of each project.

For futher imformation of Gonvarri Solar Steel: www.gsolarsteel.com


Suports designs and supplies specific and standard solutions for roof and ground photovoltaic projects, including solar canopies.


We offer a wide range of products and design ad hoc solutions to the needs of each client.

Basic Flat KR-18 ECO System: the simplest and most optimized solution for coplanar installations and metal sheet rooftops.

Basic Tilted System: the simplest solution for tilt projects.

Self-Supported System: the best choice for flat roofs or roofs with slight slope where the maximum admissible load is limited.

For further information about Suports: www.suports.es/en

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Gonvarri Industries has 45 factories, 20 distribution centers and premises in 19 countries

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