We manufacture and assemble structures for different types of industrial applications


Designs, assessments, manufacturing, and assemblage of structures for different types of industrial applications, such as: electric towers, prefabricated publish housing, parking structures, silos and holding tanks, structures for vertical signage, pedestrian walkways, industrial floors and lighting.

The finishing treatment applied to structures is normally done by immersion heat galvanization, according to UNE -EN ISO 1461 norms. This is conducted once all the joints are bolted in order to avoid damaging a structure’s final finishing as it is assembled.


Apart from the great advantage we enjoy as a manufacturer, it should be noted that our vast experience in this field allows us to lead, consult, and offer solutions for all types of technical questions that our clients might have, and that always come up in these large-scale enterprises.


Lattice Towers


Design&Engineering: Latest Standards and Softwares

Production: 18.000 Tons/Year of Lattice Production

Prototype Assembly

Accessory Supply: Fall Arrest System, ObLight System, Antenna Mounting Device ext.

Installation: Turnkey Solutions

Quality Team & Own Labaratory: All necessary tests & homologation process

Telecom Products

4 Leg Lattice Towers

3 Leg Tubular Towers

Rooftop Towers & Poles

Guyed Towers & Masts

Camouflage Towers


Strong partners

Working with strong partners in every country:

Lighting poles

Transmission & Distribution & Lighting Poles, manufactured by Gonvarri, are becoming more  popular and preferred in the world. Gonvarri is capable of performing Polygonal & Tubular  Pole Projects both within domestic and international markets.

The production of Transmission & Distribution & Lighting Poles is carried out in accordance with the  international and domestic standards & specifications.

Today, Gonvarri is one of the approved suppliers for GCC Region and İstanbul 3rd Airport.


Industrial warehouses and buildings

More than five decades ago, Grupo Gonvarri initiated its journey into the field of metal structures. Its business objective has been mainly focused on designs, assessments, building and assembly of metal structures, principally for the construction sector. Due to its continuous search for new applications in the field of steel production, Grupo Gonvarri has expanded this business line into a search for new applications of the metal, and thus, going beyond the traditional steel service centers in order to enter the steel structures market. Over these years, Gonvarri’s Steel Structures Division has been recognized as a leader in this field, renown for the quality of its products.

We design, make assessments, manufacture and assemble structures, and encased warehouses and industrial buildings with metal structures. Base structures can be designed with one or several attached doorways tailored to their size requirements, or with differing types of doorways as per the needs of the structure. Secondary structures, fixed enclosure structures, cross ties, rail beams, metal plate structures, coordinated structures… We design them all according to cold-formed or heat-laminated profiles as per the requirements of the structures.

Profile for bridge tile permanent formwork

Profiles for bridge tile permanent formwork are realized through cold-form. They are ribbed steel plates made to withstand the weight of concrete, and structurally combined as part or all of the finished forged steel framework. Its main benefits compared to traditional formwork are:

Gonvarri Industries across the World

Global presence

Gonvarri Industries has 45 factories, 20 distribution centers and premises in 19 countries

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