Emotional Driving

Road Safety is one of our strategic objectives. We believe that the loss of even one life in a traffic accident is unacceptable. In order to try minimizing these figures in society, we created Emotional Driving.

In 2024, we want to be your safety belt

Gonvarri is committed to road safety, that is why it wants to reinforce the Emotional Driving message: increase responsibility at the wheel and reduce distractions. Drive responsibly, because the best driver is the one that reaches its destination.


Road Safety

What’s Emotional Driving?

At Gonvarri Industries have chosen to merge road safety with our strategic objectives. With the goal of reducing driving accidents, we decided to begin raising safe driving awareness among those closest to us, our employees and their families. This is why we created Emotional Driving.

In order to raise traffic safety awareness among our team, we focus on preventive and instructional factors. Moreover, we have incorporated a motivational component serving as a reminder of why one should drive safely.

Furthermore, safe driving is part of our business model with the cooperation of Road Steel, who already has embarked on the Road Safety First.

Road Safety is also a child’ business

“And, what motivates you to drive safe? ”
As a result of this question, we realized that there is no bigger motivation to drive safe and responsibly than out own children’s thoughts.

Emotional Driving

“Road safety education isn’t very good. We would need to start from childhood. And we adults need to be more prudent.”

Sonia Prieto

Employee at Gonvarri



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