Growing together

We support a broad set of initiatives designed to foster professional development, in line with the business, and sensitive to peoples’ needs.

Growing together

This concept encompasses human resources projects in Training and Development, Leadership Style, Compensation and Benefits, Communications, Work Organization, Corporate Culture and Environment, and a Health-Conscience Company and Commitment, among others. For example, in Leadership Style and Training, the Gonvarri Leadership Program has been created to identify high-potential employees. Internal promotion is also encouraged by publishing open positions among our staff. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, we promote special sports events, etc. This is only a small sample of the innovations we have developed.

Leadership Style

Gonvarri has developed specific professional development programs for high-potential employees, such as the Gonvarri Leadership Program. The latter focuses on executive and middle management with the goal of creating a management style unique to the Company.
Driven my our geographic diversification strategy, we have put new plants in operation in several countries, and as such, we have expanded our productive capacities.
The Escuela de Supervisores (Supervisors’ School) was created in order to guarantee the optimal operations of our plants. In this way we promote our own professionals.

Training and development

As its cornerstone, Gonvarri Industries is committed to developing Gonvarri talent. It prioritizes development adapted to all of the company’s levels and and training profiles, and a global scale, in all its work centers.
We focus on employees who can develop new skills so they can always be in step with the business, and can also better understand the company in order to be more competitive.
One of our leading projects is Expertos Internos (Internal Experts). That is why we promote internal training by way of groups of experts in several areas who assume the role of trainers.
Also, our interdepartmental working groups and rotation plans are embedded in our professional development.

Work organization

In an international and large company such as Gonvarri Industries, it is fundamental that strategic plans be in step with the personnel. As such, we are progressively implementing Management Objectives throughout the whole company. This allows us to develop appropriate planning and identify goals, and to more efficiently reach the Company’s objectives.
Increasingly there are more and more collaborative processes requiring the combined efforts of differing departments and workplaces. That is why it is essential that our collaborations are well synchronized, and that there be good coordination between departments.
An example of this is our Collaborative Operations Model, which has been able to effectively bridge all our departments into one efficient operation.

A health-conscience company

At Gonvarri we have always considered promoting activities and initiatives directed at promoting physical activity and healthy habits a very important matter. From now on we want to give this a fresh momentum by using the health-conscious model. The latter includes initiatives that have already been set in motion, as well as incorporating other new programs focusing on Gonvarri being a company that lives and feels the values of a health-conscious company.
We spend a considerable part of our time at the workplace. Our lifestyles come with us to where we work. Therefore, if we do not smoke, eat healthier, play sports, avoid sitting for long periods of time at work, and maintain a good posture during the workday, we are helping improve our health and welfare.
We recognize that companies that promote healthy behavior are more competitive. Their personnel feel more satisfied and have a positive impact on their country, thereby reducing healthcare costs, among other factors. We at Gonvarri want to be a leader in this area, by promoting healthy habits, practices, and behaviors. This way, we can be more competitive by offering a more comprehensive workplace experience.

Management of change

Our Company undergoes constant change, as it adapts to the necessities and demands of our clients in a complex global market. Therefore, we develop a broad range of skills and competencies among our staff so that it may meticulously lead and manage the varied changes it confronts. Furthermore, our staff can adapt without difficulties to the new roles they must assume in order to ensure and reach the Company’s goals.

Corporate culture and environment

Gonvarri has set in place several different policies with the objective of promoting an engaged staff management culture that promotes gender equality. As such, employees will feel more committed, and their management will be more humane, efficient, and productive.
Gonvarri is sensitive to family needs, and we now count on several measures related to workplace compromise and flexibility as far as supporting our staff’s families. Among the measure we have adopted are shortening the workday, flexibility of work hours, early release on Fridays during the summer, vacation flexibility, international mobility, flexible remuneration, and maternity and paternity leave. These measures allow us to build a positive work environment.


At Gonvarri we recognize the importance and differential value behind our staff’s sense of belonging. As such, we support close ties among our employees, and we hold events that strengthen said ties. From focusing on internal promotion, to publicly recognizing good work and holding yearly events for our staff’s families, we promote our cornerstone values: honesty, humility, perseverance, and work.

Travellers backpack

At Gonvarri Industries we are convinced that our staff is our most important asset. Therefore, for sometime now, Security and Workplace Welfare has been the daily priority of our Company, such as it is defined in our corporate policy.
As such, and with the goal of keeping all our collaborators informed not only within the strict limits of the workplace, almost a year ago we launched the Emotional Driving Challenge. With the latter we wish to reinforce our commitment to the Welfare and Health of our employees, and in this case, road safety (it should be stressed that one in three deadly workplace accidents are traffic-related).
Thus, and with the objective of raising consciousness about road safety issues among our staff, we have created the online informative platform “Traveller’s Backpack.” In it you can access information about the different countries we work in, paperwork and visa requirements for different countries, updated information about risks, and security measures to bear in mind when travelling to our plants abroad. The app also highlights landmarks, what to do in case of emergencies, local customs, medical and hygiene advice, recommendations on how to behave in each area, Company contact people in each country… In general, all the information one needs to know beforehand, during, and upon return from being sent abroad.

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