Part II
Drive Management Model: People

People axis places Gonvarri in the heart of professionals and, at the same time, boost the sense of pride for their work, team and company.


The focus on People is precisely what places Gonvarri in the hearts of professionals and at the same time drives the feeling of pride for your work, team and company.

In 2018, Gonvarri Industries team is formed of 4,868 professionals (own) distributed over 21 countries (perimeter of Memory).

Gonvarri have an objective-based evaluation centralized system at the institutional level that covers 389 managers and middle managers. Additionally, some plans have implemented their own performance evaluation systems; with which almost 100% of the workforce is covered.

Gonvarri promote mobility between different countries. In 2018 a total of 45 professionals have developed their activities in other plants as expatriates or displaced.

Our priority is to have training mechanisms and plans to know and train all personnel, adapted to the different levels of the Company. In 2018 a total of 227,193 hours of training were given.


At Gonvarri we believe that the heterogeneity of the people and their distinctive contribution give us an unquestionable competitive advantage. The perspective and way of thinking that professionals from different origins have helps us to achieve positive change in the organization, in the working methods and to increase our innovation capacity and our capacity to respond to this demanding market.

The Diversity management is a commitment to the people the organization is made up of. ¨The Diversity Program¨ incorporates and coordinates this variable within the organization through policies, processes and dissemination and awareness actions.

At Gonvarri, we incorporate the business line “Healthy Company” in the “People” axis of Drive, in order to contribute to living a happy, healthy and full life. This is part of our shared values and culture and we want to offer a broad range of programs and opportunities. Among these the following should be noted:

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