Profitable growth


Since its beginnings, Gonvarri Industries has experienced notable growth, and has diversified worldwide culminating in a presence in 24 countries, 43 operating factories and 24 distribution centres and/or offices.

The company made numerous investments in 2019 to improve technology, increase production and efficiency and to expand its product portfolio.

Balance sheet

Gonvarri Industries continues to advance towards the objective to increase its international presence and to create value in the communities it introduces itself in. This is possible thanks to a positive balance and adequate financing.

Economic results:

・ Economic Value Created (EVC): 3,758 million euros.

・ Economic Value Distributed (EVD): 3,691 million euros.

Besides, Gonvarri Industries faced different risks which derived from the market situation in the countries it operates in, which have not had a significant global impact on the yearly results due to its diversification over different markets.

A net profit of 113 million euros was presented in 2019 and a CAPEX of 61,781 thousand euros.
In this area, the investments made in Kredit, Senica, Flinsa and Gonvauto Navarra in Spain and the finalization of the new plant in Nitra (Slovakia) with a total of 31 million euros invested.


Gonvarri is committed to personalization and constant improvement of our service, for which it has sales teams that are specialized and adjusted to the type of business and product, through which more specific coverage is provided.

At Gonvarri we consider customer surveys to be an important support tool to assess their level of satisfaction, identify points for improvement, build loyalty and increase our market share. For this reason, we periodically conduct personalized surveys, based on the type of product and/or geographic area.

Supply chain

At Gonvarri, purchasing management is based on and harmonizes with the following principles:

・ To ensure the standards and commitments acquired with our customers by guaranteeing the mechanisms that allow for continuous improvement.

・ Create space for dialogue with the different suppliers to transmit the company´s commitments to sustainability, as well as the collaboration of its supply chain.

・ Negotiate ethically, responsibly and competitively, according to business expectations.

・ Promote compliance to basic standards or criteria among suppliers with regard to human and labour rights, occupational health and safety, respect for the environment and ethical behaviour.

・ Guarantee the supply through adequate risk management of the suppliers we work withs.

For the approval of suppliers, Gonvarri Industries’ Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as its CSR purchasing policy, is sent to all suppliers (100%). Information on their dispatch, reception and signature.

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