Compliance model

Internal audit and compliance

The development of the new “Compliance Model” is aimed at improving the tracking, measurements and control mechanisms for the identified risks. In 2018, as a part of this project, the Compliance Committee was established as the Delegate Body of the Board of Directors responsible for the Model´s application and revision and for the Management of the Ethics Channel.

The project is jointly led by the Internal Audit area, the Compliance Committee and the different areas of Gonvarri to update and prepare the Internal Regulation applicable to the Model. In the Internal Audit Statute, the functions, competences, responsibilities and acting principles of the Internal Audit and Compliance Management are defined.

At its beginning, a deep revision of the Code of Ethics and Conduct was conducted, just as the revision of various anti-corruption, risk, commercial sanctions and information exchange policies, among others, which were all approved by the Board of Directors. Its implementation is carried out in phases.

The Ethics Channel is made available to all employees, directors, managers and collaborators in the Gonvarri Group and also to other external stakeholders, such as customers, providers or the society in general. This with the same objective of consulting doubts about the application of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, just as notifying the possible misconducts that correspond to the breach thereof.

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