Gonvarri Corporación Financiera, S.L. was founded in 1958, carrying out the manufacturing, transformation and marketing of steel products and metals related to the iron and steel industry.

The corporate structure of the Gonvarri Corporacion Financiera is 99.99% owned by HOLDING GONVARRI S.R.L.

The headquarters is located at: St. Embajadores, 482. 28053 Madrid – Spain.


The Group maintains its growth plans, studying new locations and industrial possibilities both through the construction of new facilities and the acquisition of existing businesses, with the aim of increasing its presence and addressing new areas of diversification.


The principles and guidelines in the tax area are aligned with the Group’s long-term development strategy, as well as with its mission, vision and ethical values, in accordance with which all the professionals and entities that form part of the Group have the firm intention of advancing in the continuous improvement of all its areas by carrying out sustainable development.

Compliance model

The “Compliance Model” aims to maintain the mechanisms for monitoring, measuring and controlling the risks identified.

The Compliance Programme is led by the Internal Audit area together with the Compliance Committee and the different areas of Gonvarri to update and prepare the Internal Regulations applicable to the Model.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is an express statement of the values, principles and behavioural guidelines to be adopted by all persons of the Group in the performance of their professional activities, addressing issues such as relations with customers, employees, collaborators, suppliers and the community, and strengthening the trust existing between the Group and third parties.

Ethics Channel & Compliance Committee

The Ethics Channel is available to all employees, managers, directors and collaborators of the Gonvarri Group and other external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers or society in general.

+ 3,600 professionals have completed the training course.

The Ethics Committee has received 2,281 visits and there were 25 complaints, all of which were resolved during the year.

Sustainability Policy

A new Sustainability Policy was approved on 4 March 2021, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against Climate Change.

Risks and opportunities

Gonvarri Industries is subject to various risks inherent to its activity arising from its commercial, financial and economic operations, as well as the legal obligations it must comply with in the countries in which it operates.

To manage these risks of all types and nature, the group has various mechanisms and systems for detecting, assessing and managing risks within its own business processes and operations.

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