Social Dimension


Gonvarri’s global perimeter is made up of 7,249 professionals (6,185 own and 1,064 external), compared to 6,450 professionals (5,614 own and 836 external) in 2020, representing an overall increase of 12%.

In 2021, according to the scope of the Report, Gonvarri Industries has 6,299 professionals (5,632 own and 667 external), compared to 5,925 professionals (5,174 own and 751 external) in 2020, which represents a 6% increase in the workforce.

Attracting and retaining talent

At Gonvarri we are aware that people are our main asset, as we have excellent professionals in all business areas and countries. Therefore, attracting and retaining talent is a key aspect for HR management in its different phases.


Health and Safety

Gonvarri Industries’ Health and Safety model is based on the principle of integrating Safety throughout the organization, sharing responsibilities among all members of the hierarchical line, and taking safety aspects into account in all decisions adopted, as well as in all processes and new projects undertaken.

Shared Safety” Concept



Gonvarri’s success is based on its ability to identify and meet the needs of its customers, which is why all companies are certified in IATF 16949 (Auto) or ISO 9001 (Metal Structures and Material Handling).

Customer proximity


Supply chain

Gonvarri Industries promotes among its supplier’s compliance with standards related to human and labour rights, occupational health and safety of its workers, respect for the environment and ethical behaviour. The purchasing process is considered a “key process” at Gonvarri due to its high economic impact.

In 2021, spending on local suppliers accounted for 67% of total spending.

Value creation: Efficiency, digitalization and Innovation


Actions coordinated by SGI (Integrated Management System), which includes the 5 areas of Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, SPG/Lean Manufacturing and Key Processes, to reinforce continuous improvement.



In innovation, the drivers that have defined the path to follow are oriented towards identifying new business opportunities based on technological knowledge and market trends.

The following sections summarise the main initiatives developed in line with the strategic priorities.

1.Innovation model: The innovation model focused on Market Intelligence.
2.Culture of innovation: Innovation and digitalization are incorporated into the Company’s culture as a fundamental basis of its corporate identity.
3.Product innovation: New product orientation as a basis for diversification.
4.Innovation in process: Sustainability as a global trend and process flexibility as a vocation.
5.Gonvarri Innovation 4.0: Industrial asset control as a basis for improvement in plant operations.

Digital Workplace

The “Digital WorkPlace” project began in 2019 with the aim of adopting Microsoft technology and offering employees Office 365 work tools to continue advancing in the company’s digital transformation.

In the third year of the project, 2021, a specific area was created within the organisation called Digital Workplace.




IT security, processes and data protection.

IT systems and organisation are essential to ride the most powerful wave of digital transformation.

At Gonvarri, we are convinced that information has become a strategic asset for the company and guaranteeing its security is one of the Group’s greatest challenges.

In 2021, in order to improve security policies, the following actions, among others, have been carried out:

Contribution to the community

Corporate contribution

One of Gonvarri’s priorities is to support local development in the areas where it operates. To this end, it establishes collaboration agreements with non-profit organisations to develop corporate and local activities of different kinds.


Local contribution

As in the previous case, in 2021 many of the planned activities could not be carried out due to the restrictions resulting from the COVID pandemic, prioritising the safety of people.

Emotional Driving

The Emotional Driving road safety programme was created at the end of 2014 with the aim of raising awareness and motivating both the company and society as a whole about the importance of road safety.

Emotional Driving, an audiovisual case

The case presents the different marketing techniques, with their corresponding strategies and tactics.
New audiovisual campaign ” Alliances”

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Drive is the “Management Model” that drives Gonvarri Industries to meet its profitability and growth objectives. Drive integrates important ESG (environmental, social and governance) challenges aligned with the SDGs that have the greatest impact on the business, in line with its commitment to long-term value creation.

In order to be able to assess their performance, KPIs are designed to measure their evolution.

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