Our business lines

We produce a wide assortment of products under four business lines: Service Centers, Material Handling, Precision Tubes and Metal Structures.


A responsible model of business management

Sustainable growth is the best driver to accomplish our mission and to respond to our stakeholders’ expectations.

Growing Together

A company for working

Our company has a huge potential for the future thanks to the high level of professionalism and commitment of its people. This allows us to continue advancing and growing in a sustainable and profitable way.

Gonvarri Industries across the World

Global presence

Gonvarri Industries has 54 factories, 21 distribution centers and premises in 27 countries


Road Safety concept that aims to motivate company employees and the society as a whole to drive in a more responsible way through positive messages


Over 60 years

A company with a history

Gonvarri Industries has more than 60 years of history as a company,
founded in 1958 by Francisco Riberas Pampliega.


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