Laser Cutting

Suppliers of 2D and 3D laser cutting of metallurgical parts with long and short run capabilities, as well as metal part handling and specific finishing services.

Leaders in laser technologies

Gonvarri Industries’ Laser Business Unit is a natural extension of our value chain, focusing on the transformation of steel to meet our customers’ needs.

Steel and aluminium cutting

The laser steel and aluminium cutting process facilitates high quality standards and versatility that complements Gonvarri Industries’ traditional cutting capabilities. The laser process allows us to adjust to the specific needs of our customers, which we can meet with several different processes using laser technology.

2D Laser

Focused on the cutting of flat parts with high levels of cutting quality, including demanding dimensional tolerances. The cut parts can undergo subsequent processes such as bending, paneling, welding and painting, among others.

3D Laser

Specific process for cutting stamped parts, already with volume. This service is mainly focused on the automotive market

Láser Blanking

The raw material is a steel strip or coil, instead of pre-cut sheets. It is used for prototypes and short series, avoiding the construction of dies and their maintenance. It allows parts to be available in a much more agile way, without the need to wait for the design and construction of the die.


Gonvarri Industries across the World

Global presence

Gonvarri Industries has 54 factories, 21 distribution centers and premises in 27 countries

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