Road Safety

Within the scope of road safety equipment, we offer full guarantee on our systems’ performance, manufacturing and installation.

Road equipment

We have developed practically every highway restraint or vehicle barrier system in use, as well as sound-absorbing tunnel wall coatings. Not only do we rigorously adhered to all the norms expected of products such as these, we have also secured patents on many of them.

High standard

Our products and services for Road Safety equipment are characterized for its high safety level appropriately validated by operative norms, for its behavior efficiency, for its constant innovation, for its permanent technological novelty and for its minded quality and lasting durability.



Road Steel has a technical team of experts in the design of vehicle restraint systems, with the most modern analysis tools. Research and development are permanently and internally conducted by Road Steel and allows us to offer the safest systems and solutions with the best performance.


Road Steel has the most modern means of production and surface treatments for steel, from raw material to finished products with the highest quality control.


Road Steel capacities include the installation works of all systems.

Technical assistance to customers

The wide knowledge and long experience that Road Steel technicians have on the criteria for deploying and enforcing the systems on the roadsides and medians, allows us to provide our customers with the engineering needed for developing the technical solutions that contribute to ensure better safety standards.


Within the scope of road safety equipment, we offer full guarantee on our systems’ performance, manufacturing and installation, certified via the subsequent quality standards, technical authorizations and conformity certificates, as well as by own statements.

Vehicle restraint systems

  1. Steel Guardrails of Normal Containment “BMS”; “BMD”
  2. Steel Guardrails of High Containment “BMS”; BMD”
  3. “TRIONDA” Guardrails of High and Very High Containment
  4. “BEAM” Mixed Steel-Wood Aesthetic Safety Barriers
  5. “VGH-960” Mobile Safety Barrier
  6. “SPM” Motorcyclist’s Protecting Systems
  7. “PMH” Bridge vehicle parapets of High and Very High Containment
  8. “AIR” Redirective Crash Cushions

Pedestrian Parapets

Road restraint systems installed at the limits of sidewalks in roads and streets, along the edges of bridges and overpassing pedestrian ways and other similar works of road infrastructure, that are designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists, avoiding both their cross into carriageway as well as their fall from bridges and retaining walls.

Street Lighting Systems

The purpose of street lighting systems is to improve traffic safety of both vehicles pedestrians and ensure visibility of obstacles present in the carriageway.

For further information: www.roadsteel.com

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