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Solar Steel

We design and supply solar trackers, fixed tilt structures and standard mounting systems for the PV market.

Solar energy sector

Unique solution for each project

At Gonvarri Industries, we work to offer a comprehensive service and meet our customers’ needs in the field of solar energy such as solar trackers, fixed structures, industrial roofs and photovoltaic canopies.

Solar Steel and Suports are the two companies in the group dedicated to designing and supplying ad hoc photovoltaic solutions for each type of project.

Solar Structures

We design and supply solar trackers and fixed structures for the solar photovoltaic sector with global design, manufacturing and supply capabilities. Product design is based on industry best practice, with a strong R&D component, seeking cost-optimised and efficient customised solutions.

Solar energy sector

Solar Steel

Gonvarri Solar Steel focuses on the research, design and supply of metal structures for the solar photovoltaic sector.

Our great capacity in R&D, and our extensive experience supplying solar trackers and fixed structures to projects in the 5 continents, allows us to optimize costs from the design stage and collaborate closely with our customers in the adaptation of the product to each project.

Solar Steel Products

More than 21GW supplied in solar tracker and fixed structure projects. Our solar structures are adapted to the needs of our clients and projects.


Solar trackers

TracSmartT + 1V and 2V solar trackers represent the ultimate tracking solution: more reliable and cost-effective, adapting to every project need and being the best alternative to optimise LCDE, CAPEX and OPEX.

Fixed structure: RackSmarT

Fixed structure adaptable to any type of module and configuration

TracSmarT+ System

A revolutionary new tracking control system based on real 3D that combines direct irradiance, diffuse and Albedo .

Solar Steel Services

Our wide range of services covers everything from pre-execution to commissioning and project operation.


As part of a large multi-sector company, we leverage in-house expertise in product design and steel characterization, as well as industrial capacity to produce our products in all regions.

We also add additional value to our clients by collaborating with them in the preliminary stages of project design.

Project Execution

We offer a wide range of services during the commissioning and after-sales phases, in order to support our customers and optimize the LCOE of the solar plant.


The after-sales service offers a quick and efficient response to each customer, as well as the guarantee of a proven and innovative product.

Our hallmark is the reliability of the products and services we offer to all our customers.

Solar Steel

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Photovoltaic solar energy sector

Suports by Solar Steel

At Suports we design and supply specific and standard solutions for rooftop photovoltaic projects and solar canopies of any size, and ground, fixed and tracker for distributed generation projects.


We offer a wide range of solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Basic Coplanar System y KR-18 ECO

The KR-18 ECO coplanar systems are the simplest and most optimized solution for coplanar installations on KR-18 or similar type sheet metal roofs, with ribbing or crimping at 90º or 180º.

This system uses two slotted anchoring pieces arranged at each joint between panels and at the ends, to fasten a row of modules.

Basic Inclined System

Basic inclined systems are the simplest solution for inclined systems.

This system uses two transverse slotted profiles to hold a row of modules. The modules are anchored to the profiles by means of central and lateral fasteners and are usually mounted perpendicularly, but a horizontal arrangement is also possible.

Self-supporting system

The Self-Supporting 2 system is the ideal solution for flat or gently sloping roofs where ballasting with counterweight blocks is possible, and where the roof cannot be overloaded due to reduced permissible load. Suitable for light or Deck type covers.


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