Precision Tubes

We manufacture high-precision carbon steel tubes and stainless steel tubes with the highest quality standards and state-of-the-art R&D.

Steel tubes

We achieve an extensive experience in the tube industry offering a wide range of products, from high-precision carbon steel tubes and stainless steel tubes manufacturing, to disc and laser cut-to-size processes. We guarantee an extraordinary superficial quality and thickness regularity, improving the mechanical properties conferred by the elongated grain over the equiaxial grain and the possibility to manufacture materials with reduced thickness tolerances.


Gonvarri Precision Tubes was born in 2018 with the acquisition of Flinsa and its incorporation into Gonvarri Industries’ structure as a new business line for steel processing.


Products and Processes

Steel tubes

The new Gonvarri Precision Tubes business line has 2 productive plants with over 150,000t/year capacity.

We produce tubes in different sections: round, square, rectangular, oval and also special shapes which we make on special request of our customers in order to satisfy their needs.

Our manufacturing range of carbon steel tubes comprises of tubes from 8mm up to 130 mm in outer diameter with a minimum wall-thickness from 0.5 to a maximum of 5 mm. Regarding stainless steel tubes, we manufacture diameters up to 104 mm.

In our stainless tube division, we use the most advanced laser welding which creates a minimum thermal impact. We also have sword blade cutting processes on which we can control the length of the tube over 100% of production.

In our laser-cutting and drilling section, we have the most advanced processes on the market, with optic fiber technology and variable speed control.

We also have an induction quenching section where we process manganese alloyed steels with which we achieve a great capacity to absorb impact energy.


A complete system of analysis and a highly qualified staff allows the development of R&D+i activities, one of the main drivers of improvement in which Gonvarri Precision Tubes relies to optimize their processes, and the development of new products and services. Also, commitment and close relationship with our customers supplements the research activities through the feedback of the results and present new challenges.

Some of these R&D+i activities have become into successful projects which have been supported by CDTI (Industrial Technical Development Center) and have been successful in registering patents and integrated multienterprise projects.

Innovation through research is our firm commitment, so that we consume a significant amount of resources on it.


Quality control and certification of our products are two of the main tasks performed by our Quality department. In our research laboratory we study the crystal structures of advanced quality steels in order to select the most efficient steels suppliers.

Gonvarri Industries across the World

Global presence

Gonvarri Industries has 45 factories, 20 distribution centers and premises in 19 countries

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