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Emotional Driving wins the “Ponle Freno” award in the category “Best occupational road safety initiative”.

Josu Calvo, CEO of Gonvarri, receives the award from Carlos Sáinz, chairman of the jury and general advisor to Ponle Freno.
Created in 2014, the Emotional Driving by Gonvarri road safety programme aims to raise awareness among its employees and society as a whole by transmitting positive and emotional messages.
Road safety forms part of Gonvarri’s business model through the Road Steel division.

Emotional Driving by Gonvarri has been one of the winners at the 11th edition of the Ponle Freno Awards, a distinction created by Atresmedia’s social campaign aimed at reducing road accidents in Spain. The company received the award in the “Best occupational road safety initiative” category for its road safety campaign aimed at its employees.

This is an initiative aimed at raising awareness among all the company’s employees about responsible and safe driving behaviour when travelling on mission, “in itinere” or in their free time with family and loved ones. Among the main actions carried out are the roadshows developed in the different work centres and production plants of the company, at national and international level, which deal with emotional, experiential and rational experiences, in the form of talks given by different actors involved in traffic accidents, experiences through distorted glasses and rollover simulators or the posing of inspiring questions such as “and you, what motivates you to drive safely? All of this is supported by the use of the most advanced technology and different communication channels, such as the mobile App, audiovisual campaigns and augmented reality.

Gonvarri’s CEO, Josu Calvo, received this award at a ceremony held last Friday at the Senate Palace. In his speech of thanks, Calvo explained Gonvarri’s commitment to road safety through its Emotional Driving programme and its Road Steel business division for the development of vehicle restraint systems for roads.

Over the last few years, Emotional Driving has diversified its programme, raising awareness among thousands of children and young people throughout Spain about safe driving behaviour and, in particular, about not using mobile phones at the wheel as the main cause of road accidents due to distraction. To this end, Emotional Driving collaborates with the support of organisations such as AESLEME, Lo Que De Verdad Importa Foundation and Telefónica.

The latest journey Emotional Driving has undertaken is with the Real Madrid Foundation. Together they collaborate to bring road safety to groups with different abilities and train them in the value of autonomy.

About Gonvarri

Gonvarri has 43 factories in the automotive steel transformation, road safety, material handling and solar energy sectors in 19 countries and achieved revenues of 3.5 billion euros in 2018.