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Gonvarri publishes its 2022 Sustainability Report with a generative artificial intelligence assistant for employees

  • Gonvarri joins the group of pioneering companies by incorporating a generative artificial intelligence tool for its employees to access the content of the Sustainability Report.
  • In 2022, the new Strategic Plan 2022-2024 is launched, a plan defined to boost growth by supporting the company’s industrial activity.
  • Gonvarri boosted its ESG commitment with a 9% reduction in direct CO2 emissions and a 65% reduction in emissions from electricity consumption.
  • In the social sphere, the “Improved Reality” initiative to support the Aladina Foundation in its projects to help young cancer patients in hospitals stands out.


Madrid, 27 April 2023.

Gonvarri joins the group of pioneering companies by implementing a generative artificial intelligence tool for its employees in the 2022 sustainability report. This tool has been developed within the framework of the strategic alliance with Microsoft, as part of the Digital Workplace project. The virtual assistant, which is based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI services, stands out for its focus on privacy and the protection of the company’s data and information, as it has been designed to work in a private and secure environment, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information processed, which is for internal use only.

The Gonvarri Sustainability Report for 2022 has been presented today. Gonvarri Industries publishes its Sustainability Report with the aim of presenting its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance to its stakeholders in a balanced and transparent manner.

The Report incorporates the guidelines set out in the Global Reporting Initiative GRI Standard (GRI-Standards), the Sustainable Development Goals and the result of the new Materiality Study conducted by the company.

2022 marks the start of the new Strategic Plan, corresponding to the period 2022-2024. A plan defined to boost growth based on the company’s industrial activity and with a commitment to growth. In 2022, the company has invested 60 million euros.

The following is a summary of the most relevant information.

Environment (ASG):

In the environmental dimension, Gonvarri Industries’ commitment to climate change stands out, which is embodied in the “Carbon Neutral 2030/50 Plan”, a roadmap that will enable it to achieve zero net emissions by 2050, following the criteria established by the SBTi. This is an example of Gonvarri’s specific commitment to the environment, in particular to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

With this plan, it is committed to consuming 100% of electricity from renewable sources and reducing 50% of fossil fuel emissions by 2030.

This year 2022 stands out for the reduction of direct emissions and electricity consumption by 40% compared to the previous year, thanks to the purchase of electricity from renewable energy and the development of solar photovoltaic installations for self-consumption, which together accounted for 63% of the company’s electricity consumption. In addition, the ECO-ENERGY programme focused on the development of energy efficiency actions, with 102 initiatives implemented, has achieved savings in energy consumption of more than 7%.

The company’s division dedicated to the manufacture and supply of metal structures for solar panels, Solar Steel, closed the year with the supply of metal structures for more than 1.3 GW of power, indirectly avoiding a total of 306,000 tCO2.

As part of its decarbonisation and Venture Capital strategy, Gonvarri Industries has acquired a stake in H2Greem, an innovative SME specialising in the manufacture of electrolysers for obtaining green hydrogen.

Decarbonisation and circularity are two of the pillars on which the company drives the transformation of its processes to achieve an efficient use of resources and a reduction in environmental impact. Steel is the main material consumed by the group; 100% of the metallic waste generated in the processes is recycled thanks to the excellent properties offered by this material in relation to its capacity to be recycled an unlimited number of times.

Social Security (ASG):

It collects the most relevant information related to people, health and safety and social action.

Gonvarri’s workforce is made up of 7,356 professionals (6,180 in-house and 1,176 external). In 2022, the “People Growing Together” project was launched, a new people model aligned with the company’s Strategic Plan. Taking the Employee life cycle as a reference, People Growing Together encompasses nine areas where talent management takes on a central role.

With regard to the supply chain, it is working on increasing sustainability requirements, including the purchase of Green Steel.

Gonvarri Industries’ industrial activity contributes to the creation of value in the local economy. In addition, the company has developed various social action initiatives and collaboration with foundations and organisations at both corporate and local level.

Highlights include the 8th anniversary of the Emotional Driving project, focused on alliances in favour of road safety and the work with the Aladina Foundation, in its projects to help young cancer patients in hospitals, dissemination of the “Improved Reality” campaign.

Government (ASG):

Activity in 2022 has focused on two areas: monitoring the Compliance Model and improving risk identification and management through new data analysis tools.

In the field of recognition, the organisation CDP, which focuses on climate change ratings, awarded Gonvarri Industries a CDP B rating thanks to its transparency of information and performance in terms of emissions. Also in 2022, the Gonvarri Solar Steel division was awarded Iberdrola’s “Equipment Supplier of the Year 2022” for Spain.