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Suports supplies 132 kW of its rooftop structures for two projects located in Villarta, Spain

estructuras para cubiertas Gonvarri

Valencia, 5th February 2019. Suports, division of Gonvarri Steel Services is supplying 132 kW of its rooftop structures for two projects located in Villarta, Spain.

The projects have been completed using the 30º Basic Tilt System and 1 height in portrait, designed by Suports, which has allowed the tilted installation of modules in several agricultural rooftops with trapezoidal metal sheet cover.

The customer highlights the sturdiness of the solution as well as the simplicity of its installation.

The Basic Tilt System is the simplest solution for this sort of tilted installations and has a wide range of anchoring elements, allowing its placement in every kind of roof or surface.

Suports distinguishes itself by designing, manufacturing and supplying mounting systems for photovoltaic projects. Its more than 12 years of background, combined with the engineering capability and organizational strength, positions Suports as a solar industry leader.


About Suports

Suports is a brand within Solar Steel, solar division of Gonvarri Steel Services, with more than 350 MW track record. Gonvarri is a subsidiary of Gonvarri Steel Industries (GSI), leading company in steel service centers and the manufacturing of structures for renewable energy. GSI has more than 56 industrial plants worldwide, with over 9,000 employees and a revenue of more than 3,300 million euros in 2017. For many years, Suports has focused its efforts on providing customers with bespoke solar metal structures. For more information, visit