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Gonvarri announces acquisition of Suports Desarrollo y Soluciones

Gonvarri Asquires Suports Desarrollo y Soluciones

Madrid, 24 January 2018. In December 2017, Gonvarri formalized the acquisition of Suports Desarrollo y Soluciones, Spanish engineering Company specialized in aluminum based solutions for photovoltaic projects in rooftop, parking lots and small ground PV projects.

With this acquisition, Suports and it Mexican subsidiary will become a strategic piece of Solar Steel, solar division of Gonvarri Metal Structures.

“Gonvarri´s acquisition of Suports represents our strong commitment in providing our customers with optimized and cost competitive solutions to their needs in for rooftop and parking lot solar installations, and will optimally complement the portfolio of products offered by Solar Steel to the solar market”, said Fernando Castro, General Manager of Gonvarri Metal Structures.

Suports Desarrollo y Soluciones was founded back in 2006, and has its main offices in Valencia, having also a subsidiary in Mexico since 2014. The Suports team includes highly skilled technical professionals oriented to the development and supply of high efficient solutions for the solar market

About Gonvarri Steel Services

Gonvarri Steel Services has 36 factories in the steel transformation sector for auto, road safety, material handling and solar energy in 17 countries with revenues of more than 2,950 million euros in 2017.

Gonvarri Steel Services is part of Gonvarri Steel Industries, a leading company in steel service centers and manufacturing renewable energy components with more than 8,000 employees that reached revenue of more than 3,300 million euros in 2017. Its strategy around the steel transformation business is based on the development of products and services with great value added, which allows to establish closer relations with its main clients.