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Gonvarri Industries publishes its new Sustainability Report for the 2021 financial year

Soporte para placas solares Gonvarri
  • Approval by the Board of Directors of Gonvarri’s new Sustainability Policy adapted to the Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against climate change. The Report reflects the company’s culture and how it integrates sustainability under an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach aligned with the “Drive” Management Model.
  • Progress in the commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly related to reducing road traffic deaths and injuries (SDG 3.6) and energy and climate change (SDGs 7 and 13), among others.
  • Significant progress in the Carbon Neutral 2030/50 Plan, with investments in renewable sources (purchase of certified renewable electricity and self-consumption photovoltaic installations) and energy efficiency projects.
  • Measures relating to attracting and retaining talent, with a notable increase in training hours. New specific area within the organisation “Digital Workplace” to focus new projects and actions.

Lisbon, 18th May. The Gonvarri Sustainability Report for 2021 was presented today at the headquarters of Gonvarri Portugal, coinciding with the inauguration of the Portuguese factory’s new solar photovoltaic installation and accompanied by a representation of local institutions.

Gonvarri Industries publishes its Sustainability Report for the 2021 financial year with the aim of presenting its performance to its stakeholders in a balanced and transparent manner.

The Report incorporates the guidelines set out in the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Standard (GRI-Standards), the Sustainable Development Goals and the outcome of the Materiality Study.

This year marks the end of the third Strategic Plan, corresponding to the 2019-2021 period, and a new Plan is being defined for the 2022-2024 triennium, which will drive growth, activity and diversification in technological and innovative projects in markets with high development potential.

Gonvarri Industries operates through 46 factories, 28 offices and distribution centres in 26 countries, with a workforce of more than 6,000 employees. In this financial year 2021, the investment amounted to 61 million euros.

The following is a summary of the most relevant information.

Environment (ESG):

In the environmental dimension, Gonvarri Industries’ commitment to climate change stands out, which is embodied in the “Carbon Neutral 2030/50 Plan” with a new roadmap that will enable it to be zero net emissions by 2050, following the criteria established by the SBTi. This is an example of Gonvarri’s specific commitment to environmental issues, particularly with regard to reducing emissions.

With this plan, it is committed to consuming 100% of electricity from renewable sources and reducing 50% of fossil fuel emissions by 2030. To this end, it will develop renewable energy projects in factories, contracts for the purchase of energy from renewable sources (PPAs), energy efficiency measures and new technologies.

Steel is the main material consumed by the group; 100% of the metallic waste generated in the processes is recycled thanks to the excellent properties offered by this material in relation to its capacity to be recycled an unlimited number of times. Decarbonisation and circularity are two of the pillars on which the company drives the transformation of its processes to achieve an efficient use of resources and a reduction in environmental impact.

Social Security (ESG):

It collects the most relevant information related to people, health and safety and social action.

Gonvarri’s workforce is made up of 7,249 professionals (6,185 own and 1,064 external). In accordance with the scope of the Report, information is reported on 6,299 professionals (5,632 own and 667 external).

Gonvarri seeks innovative solutions in line with current economic and environmental challenges, grouped into 5 drivers: Model, Culture, Product, Process and Gonvarri 4.0.

As part of the digitalisation processes, the “Digital WorkPlace” project was consolidated, making it possible to maintain the connectivity of the company’s professionals and external personnel in the situation arising from the pandemic. In addition, a new Digital Workplace Plan 2022-2024 was defined.

With regard to the supply chain, it is working on increasing sustainability requirements, including the purchase of Green Steel.

Gonvarri Industries contributes to the creation of value in the local economy. It also developed various social action initiatives and collaboration with foundations and organisations at both corporate and local level.

It highlights the Emotional Driving project, mainly the partnerships for road safety and the presentation of the case study “Emotional Driving: An audiovisual case”.

Government (ESG):

This year, the new Sustainability Policy was approved in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against climate change.

Gonvarri Industries continues to make progress in approving compliance policies and procedures, with new training proposals and improving communication and management of the Ethical Channel.

The compliance area focused its efforts on: conducting training activities in certain areas within the framework of the Compliance Programme and achieving effective implementation of the Model in each location, working on the integration of the compliance framework in the management systems of the Group’s various companies.