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Gonvarri’s new Strategic Plan 2022-2024 consolidates the group’s commitment to decarbonisation

Gonvarri new strategy for descarbonisation
  • The company has launched its Strategic Plan for the period 2022-2024 where decarbonisation and digitalisation will be the main trends in the company’s diversification and digital transformation.
  • The aim of the Carbon Neutral Plan is to reduce electricity and fossil fuel consumption to bring the company to net zero emissions by 2050. The new efficiency and energy saving measures for the next three years will achieve estimated cumulative savings of 6 GWh. In addition, 60% of the group’s electricity consumption will be from renewable sources by 2022.
  • In addition, the installation of solar photovoltaic plants for self-consumption of electricity is progressing in accordance with the roadmap defined by the group, with 7 MW in operation, 3 MW under construction and more than 4 MW in the project phase.

Madrid, 12th May 2022 – Gonvarri, a global leader in metal solutions for the automotive, energy, storage systems and road safety sectors, has presented its 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, which accelerates the implementation of measures to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations and thus align with its ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the so-called Carbon Neutral Plan. The goal is to achieve net zero emissions no later than 2050, in line with science-based recommendations to limit temperature increases to below 1.5°C.

The main axes of the Strategic Plan are the drive for growth and diversification of technological and innovative projects in markets with development potential, taking low-carbon business models as a basic premise for growth, in sectors such as sustainable mobility and renewable energies. In this first year of the Plan, Gonvarri Industries is making significant progress in the decarbonisation of its electricity supply. To this end, photovoltaic solar self-consumption will add 10 MW in operation by the end of 2022 thanks to the incorporation of 3 new MW.

In addition, this year the group continues to be very active in the purchase of electricity from renewable sources, which will allow it to reach a coverage of 60% of its global electricity consumption with electricity from renewable sources. In addition to these lines of work, the group has been developing energy saving and efficiency projects for more than 5 years and expects to add more than 6 GWh from new projects.

This ambitious plan for the transformation of the group’s energy matrix is accompanied by a corporate responsibility programme that seeks to bring to each of the group’s factories the communication and awareness-raising actions necessary to publicise the objectives and actions of the aforementioned plan.

Thus, last Thursday 28 April, the first corporate responsibility conference “Doing Well By Doing Good 2022” took place at the Flinsa facilities that the Gonvarri Group has in the municipality of Ibi (Alicante), where Gonvarri’s commitment to sustainability in general was presented, in particular with the reduction of C02 emissions into the atmosphere and with safety.

The event was attended by employees, customers, suppliers, authorities, associations and members of civil society. On this occasion, the area of road safety was reinforced with a series of activities aimed at raising awareness among attendees of the personal consequences of traffic accidents, under the “Emotional Driving” initiative, which gave way to a discussion on the transformation that the company is undertaking in relation to the fight against climate change and its adaptation to an increasingly restrictive environment with regard to the use of fossil fuels and CO emissions2 .

The event was brought to a close by the Mayor of Ibi, Rafael Serralta Vilaplana, who inaugurated the plant’s solar photovoltaic installation, the largest ever commissioned by the group. The Mayor highlighted the present and future commitment of the Gonvarri Group to the economic and social development of the region.

About Gonvarri Industries

Gonvarri Industries has 46 factories in the flat steel and aluminium transformation sector, 28 distribution centres and offices in 26 countries, from which it supplies metal solutions for four business lines: Service Centres, Storage Systems, Precision Tubes and Metal Structures. In 2021, Gonvarri had a turnover of close to 5,000 million euros and a workforce of more than 6,000 employees.

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