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Business Lines

The same principles and values that lead us now also allow us to face the future with the solvency that has permitted us to travel down many roads. Furthermore, our ethics have cemented our reputation as a trustworthy company.

Custom Production

Service Centers

We are leaders in the manufacture, supply and distribution of flat steel, aluminium, tube and 3D laser cutting, to the main manufacturers in the automotive sector, as well as other sectors such as household appliances, construction and industry.

Focused on Metal Structures

Metal Structures

Design, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation of metal structures for the road, agri-food, electrical infrastructure, energy and data transmission sectors.

high quality standards

Solar Steel

At Gonvarri Industries we work to offer a complete service and meet the needs of our customers in the field of solar energy, such as supports and structures for solar modules and panels.

Solar Steel and Suports are the two companies in the group dedicated to designing and supplying ad hoc products and solutions for all types of projects.


Constant Service and Assistance

Material Handling

We design, manufacture and assemble integral storage systems, guaranteeing compliance with technical specifications, functionality and system safety.

constant service and assistance


We develop solutions and products for industrial applications and sustainable electric mobility. We are a provider of innovative solutions in the field of automotive and industrial technologies.

other gonvarri business lines

Laser Cutting

Gonvarri Industries’ Laser Business Unit is a natural extension of our value chain, which focuses on the transformation of steel to meet the needs of our customers.

The laser process allows us to adjust to the specific needs of our customers, which we can address with several different processes using laser technology.

Precision Tubes

We have extensive experience in the tube industry offering a wide range of products from the manufacture of high precision tubes in carbon and stainless steel, to cut-to-length processes by disc and laser.

We guarantee an extraordinary surface quality and regularity in thickness, an improvement of the mechanical characteristics conferred by the elongated grain with respect to the equiaxial and manufacture of materials with reduced thickness tolerances.