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Social Action

Our social action programs strive to contribute to the full cultural, social, and educational integration of all, thereby promoting a progressive and equal society.

Iniciatives that add up

Promoting progress and equality

We are fully aware that as a business enterprise our responsibilities go beyond making a profit. In light of this, we sponsor social action programs at both the corporate and local levels.

The actions we carry out in this regard are aimed at health and sports, education and youth, social welfare, environment, art and culture, and humanitarian aid in disadvantaged areas or where humanitarian catastrophes arise.

We continue to participate in social action initiatives and projects aligned with the company’s principles and our corporate culture, which effectively contribute to the well-being of people in their communities and create value.


Collaborating entities

Gonvarri supports local development there where it operates. For such purpose, a series of collaboration agreements have been established with non-profitable entities to develop certain corporate actions.

Juan XXIII Foundation

Our support of this Foundation oriented towards handicapped services started in 2007. The organisation was created with the purpose of bettering the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities, and promoting their integration in society.

What Really Matters Foundation

The goal of “What Really Matters” is to promote and disseminate universal human and ethical values. 

Gonvarri Industries bolstered its commitment to this Foundation by becoming its corporate sponsor. Since then, Gonvarri supports all of the Foundation’s projects.

World Central Kitchen

An NGO whose mission is finding sustainable solutions that put an end to food shortages and malnutrition. WCK´s goal is to promote sustainable food sources, and offer direct assistance to location prone to humanitarian catastrophes.


Since 2014, our corporate group has been working with the Association for the Study of Spinal Cord Injury to prevent accidents and their serious consequences, in particular through the Emotional Driving project

Real Madrid Foundation

We started the collaboration in 2018 with the aim to educate people with different aptitudes in the field of road safety. During this exercise we developed the “road education: a great value” project at adapted social-sports schools for football and basketball.

Aladina Foundation

Gonvarri supports the Aladina Foundation in its projects to help young cancer patients in hospitals and family homes. In 2022, it focused on supporting and disseminating the “Improved Reality” campaign aimed at creating a new oncology unit at the Vall d’Hebron hospital.

SERES Foundation

We began our collaboration in 2016, in order to contribute to the joint construction of a stronger society with competitive companies that are sustainable over time.

Learn More About Emotional Driving

Road Safety is one of our strategic objectives. We believe that the loss of even one life in a traffic accident is unacceptable. In order to try minimizing these figures in society, we created Emotional Driving.