Represents responsible management model and commitment to ethics, transparency, justice as well as collaboration with our stakeholders regardless of the location where we operate.

Social action

Contribution from Corporate

Local Contribution

Emotional Driving

The Emotional Driving program was created in 2014 with the objective of raising awareness on the importance of road safety, both inside the company and in society as a whole. The differentiating factor of this program lies in the transmission of positive and motivational stimuli and messages to encourage responsible and respectful habits on the road.

The project contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, primarily to Goal 3.6: “by 2020, halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents”, while it also has a positive impact on goals 11.2, “by 2030, provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all and improve road safety” and 17, “partnerships to reach the goals”.

Energy and Climate Change

The production process of Gonvarri has an intensive energy consumption, mainly in the plants that have galvanic and electro-galvanizing coating processes. For this reason, the main points in the environmental management system are the monitoring, reduction and control of the energy consumption.

In our commitment to sustainability, Gonvarri continues to work on maintaining our highly efficient production through optimizing energy consumption in all our processes, production lines and auxiliary equipment, striving at all times to achieve maximum production rates with the lowest energy cost possible, whilst always maintaining high-quality standards.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Cultural Change & Digital WorkPlace 2019-2021

“Digital WorkPlace” project began in 2019 aiming to embrace Microsoft technology and provide employees with the Office 365 tools to continue advancing in the company’s digital transformation.

It is a process that demands an important management of the cultural change of the whole company, in a collaborative environment that allows to approach successfully this challenge of incorporating the new digital technologies, but another piece of an ambitious project throughout the company in these 3 areas:

• Digital Competences: increase digital competences, knowledge and skills to adapt to a constantly changing market and environment.
• Digital Workplace: define how new technologies may improve the way of working in all aspects.
• Digital Experience: boost digital agility in all work aspects.


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