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EC 5.0 Platform

Gonvarri Asturias is participating in the “Intersectoral Circular Economy Platform for the management, use and reuse of by-products in Industry 5.0” project, the aim of which is to design and develop a Circular Economy Platform that contributes to promoting the recovery, use and recycling of raw materials, waste and by-products to give them a second useful life. This new tool will make it easier for waste and by-products from one organisation to be converted into raw materials for another, allowing users to interact in order to carry out joint exchanges/transactions, as well as to share resources and services. In addition to reducing their environmental impacts, these developments will lead to significant economic and energy savings and new business opportunities.

Plataforma EC 5.0 is based on several strategic pillars as a differential value, such as Industry 5.0, connecting different industries with each other, circularity, reducing existing waste in different industries, and traceability, through the digitisation of the processes through which a product passes. All of this is framed within the use of different innovative aspects involving technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, the creation of a digital information passport, the Blockchain that guarantees the immutability and transparency of the information and a web platform that will record the traceability and usefulness of raw materials.

The research project involves 10 entities and is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the Call for Innovative Business Clusters 2023, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.